Saturday, February 28, 2009

Beautiful Poster Designs



By DKNG Studios

In the linen cupboard where it's always been...

The Third Drawer Down is actually where I keep my t-towels but if I had one of these t-towels I wouldn't keep them there. I would probably put them on my wall.

I love this concept - ask emerging artists to come up with a pretty picture and then print it on your favourite tea towel. It's brilliant.

And now it's even more brilliant because they are branching out to pillow cases... and they have also opened a new shop in Fitzroy, Melbourne!

Florence Broadhurst

I have been a big fan of the Florence Broadhurst prints ever since I first discovered them. But it was the life that she lead that has fascinated me the most.

She was a singer, a dancer, a designer, an artist and a businesswoman. She ran various businesses such as an arts academy in Shanghai during the 1920's, a dress salon in London (she reinvented herself as Madame Pellierand during this time) and a trucking company.

Her most well known role was running her internationally successful wallpaper company but it is her death that was the most intriguing. In 1977, aged 78, she was found murdered in her studio. The killer remains a mystery to this day.

Luckily her prints live on under the care of Signature Prints so we can all enjoy them. I would highly recommend reading 'Florence Broadhurst: Her Secret Extraordinay Lives by Helen O'Neill if you want to find out more about her life (and death).

Loud and Proud!

This image has been doing the rounds but I just love it! (I found it on ffffound...)
Happy Friday everyone!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Some e cards

Sometimes you just can't find the right words... luckily for us there's someecards

Letterpress heaven!

I bought this cute card by Hello Lucky the other day for my husband for Valentines Day from Magma (my favourite shop in Manchester!)

I love letterpress cards... I mean who doesn't like the way they look and feel. But I never really understood how the process all worked - that was until I found the Hello Lucky site - they have a whole step by step process ofhow a letterpress works! With simple words and pictures for people like me!

Here's my work... Patrick Gunderson

Patrick Gunderson is rare. You know why? He thinks with both sides of his brain. And do you know what you get when that happens? You get a designer, a programmer, and an artist! It's three for the price of one.

Patrick specializes in digital interactive mediums. His work begins as a digital color map that he creates in Photoshop and he then uses a piece of software (that he wrote himself mind you!) in Actionscript (for Adobe Flash) to give the compositions their distinctive look.

This image explores the relationship that classical music has on our emotional reactions, where rhythm and harmony speak to the soul. (which probably explains why I thought it looked like it was dancing...)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I like your t-shirt!

Freelance graphic designer/illustrator Dale Edwin Murray (aka DEM) specialises in beautiful illustrations for your t-shirts! Available here!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm obsessed with...

I spent the whole weekend watching this new series called 'True Blood' and I am obsessed... we are up to Episode 9 and even now I am thinking about the hours I have to wait before my husband gets home so we can watch the next episode... I even thought about just watching it while he wasn't here and then pretending like I didn't know what was happening when we watched it together. See I'm obsessed. Normal people don't think this way about a television series...

As the name might suggest it is a show about vampires - so I guess for me it was love at first bite... (oh that's really bad sorry!)

Note: Anna Paquin (the girl from 'The Piano') just won Best Actress at The Golden Globes so I guess I'm not the only one who likes it!

Here's my work... interview with Lindsay Blamey.

'The Light' copyright Lindsay Blamey

We talk to Blanket 'Here's my work...' contributor Lindsay Blamey.

Can you tell us a little about the image you submitted to Blanket? 
'The Light' is a self portrait from a series that is all about the unknown and the unexplored. It tells a fragment of the story and invites the viewer to fill in the blanks. What happened before this? Where is it going next? Who is that guy? This particular image is also about an awakening... the precise moment that someone realises they are on the wrong path and need to change.

What inspires you to make photographs? 
I'm inspired by lots of things and this leads to a diverse body of work. I grew up in the country before moving to the city and I find a reoccurring theme in my work is 'Nature Vs Man' and how they relate each other. I like to explore the impacts that everyday life and society have upon individuals.

What subject matter do you enjoy photographing?
I enjoy finding the beauty in forgotten, overlooked subjects and presenting them in a different light that lets them shine. I also enjoy creating images which are like stills from a movie and invite the viewer to create their own story. Sometimes what isn't in the image is as important as what is in the image.

How do you handled the business side of being a photographer? 
I enjoy creating works that are specifically design for residential interiors and exploring different materials and products can be very rewarding and satisfying. The main thing is to always enjoy the creative process and not let the business side of things get in the way.

What do you like about the Blanket community? 
I love it when a new blanket comes out.. I like to flick through the pdf to get an injection of diverse, contemporay art from around the world. It's a great way to scratch that creative itch. Its always so fresh and is a great vehicle and launching pad for so many wonderful artists.

'The Conversation' copyright Lindsay Blamey

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chris Haughton (website update)

Chris Haughton has updated his website and there in a ton of new work up there!

Some of you may remember we interviewed Chris way back in Issue 3 of Blanket (The Collection Issue) but if not, and you want to learn more about him and his beautiful work, I suggest you go and check out the issue (and his website of course!)

I especially love this peacock image that will be featured in a pop-up book!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Show us your Blanket Poster!

I know you have probably already seen this image before as I was totally in love with it... but I couldn't help posting it again as I just love the way she has styled it! It truly looks like it's straight from the pages of a magazine... I guess what else can you expect when it's in the hands of such a talented photographer as Natalie Jeffcott (who was also featured on the poster).

What you might not know about Natalie is when she is not photographing she actually runs Arthurs Circus in Melbourne, Australia which features lots of beautiful vintage toys, collectables, lighting, photography and art. If you can't get to the shop you can still let your inner child free by being a voyeur through her beautiful blog where you will see more examples of her beautifully styled photography.

If you would like to show us where you have your Blanket poster then email me a photo! Email me at: editor (at)

And if you would like to join in the fun you can get a copy of the Blanket poster at the Blanket online store.

Monday, February 9, 2009


As some of you may know Victoria has been experiencing the worst bush fires on record with hundreds of people confirmed dead and many missing (feared dead). Many people lost their lives protecting their homes, others died while trying to flee the inferno. And it's not over yet... the fires are not out, they still burn and threaten towns, homes, people and animals...

Words can't really express the enormity of the situation so I've collected some photos from The Age websitewhich shows you the devastation the fire has left. (Please note that some people may find the images distressing)

Please take the time after viewing these images to donate to the Red Cross to ensure that people affected by this tragedy can start to re-build their lives. It isn't important how much you donate - just that you do. Every little bit helps!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Show us your Blanket Poster!

Jurate Bang, one of the featured artists on the Blanket poster (she's right there in the middle) sent me an image of her poster up on her bedroom wall. I love that there is an actual patchwork blanket on her bed! Thanks Jurate!

If you would like to show us where you have your Blanket poster then email me a photo!
Email me at: editor (at)

And if you would like to join in the fun you can get a copy of the Blanket poster at the Blanket online store.

No date for Valentines?

We'll Sugar & Spice up your Valentine’s night with some sweet feminine art...

Bec Winnel (MyCharlieGirl) and Kate Lightfoot (Scarlett) have an upcoming exhibition, Sugar & Spice And All Things Nice, that you wont want to miss out on!


Are you a design master?

We'll you soon could be!
Shillington Design Masters is a new 16 week part-time course for graphic designers wanting to rekindle their creative spark and polish up their portfolio! Included in the course is a series of hands-on workshops specialising in branding, advertising, packaging and illustration and hosted by some of the industrys' finest.

The course will be run in Melbourne and starts on the 2nd of May, 2009.

If feel like you’re stuck in a bit of a ‘template rutt’ and need to expand your design horizons then you can get more info here.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Blanket Survey!

Wow! We've had an AMAZING response to our survey. Good on you all!

In fact I didn't really expect such a great response (in such a short amount of time!) so it was down for a while there BUT I have now upgraded the account so that we can collect some more responses. So I apologise if you already tried to fill it out and couldn't - but it's all up and running again so get yourself over there and tell us what you think! Click here!

I'm so excited to read all the feedback and I am simply buzzing with ideas... thank you all for your wonderful responses and ideas on what you would like to see! It's given me greater clarity on how to move forward and make Blanket bigger and better!! Thank you!

Monday, February 2, 2009

We're Blue All Over!

Blanket Issue 14 is up and ready to download!

And while you wait in anticipation for your newest issue of Blanket to download why not fill in our Blanket survey and give us your feedback! You could also WIN 1of 5 Exclusive Blanket Prizes just for your trouble! Click here
In the BLUE issue:

• To celebrate my move to the UK we interview some local talent including our cover artist Allan Deas, as well as Gemma Correll and Edward McGowan.
• THE BLUE PROJECT: We ask six artists to interpret song lyrics. The results will surprise you!
• Blanket writer Jonathan Hulme investigates whether you really have to be a drunken, poverty stricken, depressed, wreck to produce great art.
• Jek shows us how to make use of our old blue jeans!
• We interview the man behind the scenes at
• We take a look at 6 emerging artists from The Shiny Squirrel.
• Re_action - see how our readers reacted to this issues theme!
• Get your FREE Blanket 2009 Wall Planner

Enjoy the new issue!