Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Exquisite Book

The Exquisite Book – Published by Chronicle Books.

Back in Issue 20 {I Think I Can Fly Issue} of Blanket Magazine we spoke to Julia Rothman about how she {and her business partners Matt and Jenny from Also} were putting the finishing touches on their upcoming book. Now, finally we can all see the results of their first curated art book The Exquisite Book!

The book was based on the Surrealist game the Exquisite Corpse and involved curating 100 artists to collaborate together. The book itself is split into separate chapters with 10 artists completing a section beginning with certain phrases – for instance “In the Clouds” or “In the Mountains”. Personally I think splitting the book into themes was a very clever concept as it shows the diversity of each of the artists and keeps a nice flow to the book {not that by any means you would get bored looking at the amazing artwork!}.

The list of artists involved is seriously impressive {and just to name a few…} Betsy Walton, Jen Corace, Carson Ellis, Lauren Nassef, Nigel Peake, Camilla Engman, Julia Pott, Luke Ramsey, Kate Bingham-Burt, Lisa Congdon, Mike Perry, and of course Julia Rothman.

If you would like to read more about The Exquisite Book and the artists involved you can follow the current blog tour – and also check out some mighty fine blogs along the way!

It began yesterday with the lovely Erin from Design for Mankind and today stops in at My Love For You Is A Stampede Of Horses. If you are super quick you might even score yourself your very own copy of the book – head on over and make a comment to win!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Call for Artists {Blankets 2011 Calendar!}


Blanket’s 2010 Calendar was a huge success – featuring the work of 12 amazing artists – and this year it could be YOU we are uncovering!

Just like our mission last year we want to provide an opportunity for emerging artists to be uncovered by a larger audience – and what better way than to uncover a new artist every month on our Blanket 2011 Calendar! So as part of Issue 25 we are providing you the opportunity to have your work featured on the Blanket 2011 Calendar.

We have designed the Blanket 2011 Calendar template – now we just need some artists to help fill the gaps!

The 2011 Calendar is a PDF that is downloaded, printed and assembled and will be included as a free download for Blanket Subscribers or for single purchase in the Blanket online store.

If your work is chosen to be one of our featured artists you will receive:

• You and your work will be featured in an exclusive interview in Blanket’s Issue 25.

• Your name, work and website address will be featured on the Blanket 2011 DIY download-and-make calendar.

• You will receive a complimentary copy of Blanket’s Issue 25 and the 
DIY download-and-make Blanket 2011 Calendar.

Please note: As there is only a limited-number of 12 spots on the Blanket Calendar if your work is not chosen you will still have the opportunity to have your work featured in Issue 25 as part of our ‘Here’s my work…‘ Gallery.


There is no theme but we are looking for original art work created especially for the Blanket 2011 Calendar!

Please include in your email submission:

1. Your original artwork {image size: 78mm (w) x 72mm (h) jpeg, CMYK, 300dpi}

2. Your full name

3. Your website address {or an alternative URL address where people can see more of your work}

Please email your submissions to : calendar {at} blanketmagazine.com

SUBMISSION Deadline: November 15th 2010
{Winners will be chosen and announced on November 20th 2010}

Friday, October 8, 2010

Issue 24 {corrections}

Ugh. Don’t you hate making mistakes? I do! Unfortunately it doesn’t mean they won’t happen from time to time. So I made a couple of website address errors in the current Blanket issue which I want to correct!

Firstly on page 9-10 the website address for our Blanket font designer Darim Kim should read “AboutLetters.com“, not “infoaboutletters.com”.

And lastly on page 25-26 the website address for ‘Here’s my work…’ contributor Philippe Constantinesco should read www.Faunesque.com and not www.aunesque.com

Thanks Darim and Philippe for being so understanding!