Saturday, February 28, 2009

Florence Broadhurst

I have been a big fan of the Florence Broadhurst prints ever since I first discovered them. But it was the life that she lead that has fascinated me the most.

She was a singer, a dancer, a designer, an artist and a businesswoman. She ran various businesses such as an arts academy in Shanghai during the 1920's, a dress salon in London (she reinvented herself as Madame Pellierand during this time) and a trucking company.

Her most well known role was running her internationally successful wallpaper company but it is her death that was the most intriguing. In 1977, aged 78, she was found murdered in her studio. The killer remains a mystery to this day.

Luckily her prints live on under the care of Signature Prints so we can all enjoy them. I would highly recommend reading 'Florence Broadhurst: Her Secret Extraordinay Lives by Helen O'Neill if you want to find out more about her life (and death).

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