Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Here's my work... interview with Lindsay Blamey.

'The Light' copyright Lindsay Blamey

We talk to Blanket 'Here's my work...' contributor Lindsay Blamey.

Can you tell us a little about the image you submitted to Blanket? 
'The Light' is a self portrait from a series that is all about the unknown and the unexplored. It tells a fragment of the story and invites the viewer to fill in the blanks. What happened before this? Where is it going next? Who is that guy? This particular image is also about an awakening... the precise moment that someone realises they are on the wrong path and need to change.

What inspires you to make photographs? 
I'm inspired by lots of things and this leads to a diverse body of work. I grew up in the country before moving to the city and I find a reoccurring theme in my work is 'Nature Vs Man' and how they relate each other. I like to explore the impacts that everyday life and society have upon individuals.

What subject matter do you enjoy photographing?
I enjoy finding the beauty in forgotten, overlooked subjects and presenting them in a different light that lets them shine. I also enjoy creating images which are like stills from a movie and invite the viewer to create their own story. Sometimes what isn't in the image is as important as what is in the image.

How do you handled the business side of being a photographer? 
I enjoy creating works that are specifically design for residential interiors and exploring different materials and products can be very rewarding and satisfying. The main thing is to always enjoy the creative process and not let the business side of things get in the way.

What do you like about the Blanket community? 
I love it when a new blanket comes out.. I like to flick through the pdf to get an injection of diverse, contemporay art from around the world. It's a great way to scratch that creative itch. Its always so fresh and is a great vehicle and launching pad for so many wonderful artists.

'The Conversation' copyright Lindsay Blamey

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