Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Publishers Club Zine Submissions {1 week left!}

Just one week to get your submissions in for the very first Publishers Club Zine! 

We’re looking for original illustration, design or photography that continues the theme of ‘Totem’. If you would like to get involved then please visit here for more information on how to submit your work. 

As there is limited space in the actual zine we will be having a slide show projection of every submission during the day of our Manchester event where we will be releasing the Publisher Club zine {you will even be able to pick and screen print your own cover! But more on this later…} 

Even I have been inspired by the theme and have been creating some artwork for the slide show. It’s still not finished but I thought I would show you all a little sneak peek below… {I’m not sure about the silver thread yet… it’s still a work in progress…}

Looking forward to seeing how others have interpreted the theme!