Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Secrets Out! (New... well... everything!)

So now I can finally reveal what all the secrecy has been about! It's a brand new website! Yep! Isn't it gorgeous! Finally I will be able to stop double posting on two blogs and a website - I have combined them all in one! Which means that unfortunately I will be saying goodbye to this Blogger Blog - but don't worry - now you can just go straight to the Blanket website to get constant updates on beautiful artists, designers, photographers, crafters, exhibitions, websites, etc... OR there is an RSS feeder so you can get updates straight to your own email!

And of course the brand new issue is up as well! So it's a double excitement overload! It's a very important issue for us so we really hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed putting it together! It's all about that thing we do everyday - communication!
Here's whats inside!

• Artist Interviews with Will Bryant, Betsy Walton and Coralie-Bickford Smith.
• THE PASS IT ON PROJECT - 6 artists creating 1 piece of art (with no face to face contact) It's a Blanket first!
• The Art of Communication: how do you communicate with an audience you might never meet?
• Blanket feature writer, Jonathan Hulme, is vexed by email chain letters.
• Jek shows us how to communicate old school style!
• The Blanket Playlist!
• We introduce our brand new Blanket Comic 'Pic Shaws'!
• Who am I? I'm a Showoff!
• Re_action - see how our readers reacted to this issues theme!