Monday, December 22, 2008

Melissa Gardner's Blog...check it out!

Mel's an incredible designer and the spreads she does for blanket are always some of my favourite. And now, with her blog, she gets to really show off her artsy, crafty skills as well! It's a great blog full of inspiration, cool things Mel has found and her own beautiful art on display.

I especially liked her summary of The Dieline, which is one of my favourite blogs ever and a constant inspiration in my work as a packaging designer!

Also, check out Mel's OTHER talent at Nushka Dolls, incredible Russian Babushka dolls that Mel handpaints...and sells! I love them so much and am always ducking back to this site to see the new little ladies she might have popped on there...I love alina!


Friday, December 12, 2008

Mad Men, Wrong Fonts

Currently, I am finding it very hard to go to my job because I just wish to sit around all day watching Season One of Mad Men, an amazing show about the 1960s fictional advertising agency of Sterling Cooper. It's classy, classic and ever so addictive! The work that the show's designers, writers and the costume & props department have put in is UNBELIEVEABLE. It's so realistic...almost.

But I think what has increased my enjoyment of the show even more is this blog by the Mark Simonson Studio. It details ALL of the mistakes the show's creators and designers have made when it comes to the fonts used. Now here's a man who knows a lot about fonts! How could Mad Men have concentrated so hard on getting all the women's hair so perfectly right, but then used Zapfino (only created in 1992) in one of the fictional ads?

Of course, it does not make me love the show any less, but it DOES add an interesting dimension to my watching. If you can, (and if you haven't already) grab Mad Men from somewhere. It really makes one appreciate one's Mac!

:) Caitlin

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Amelia's Magazine - LAST ISSUE!

What a blow! Issue 10 will be the FINAL issue of Amelia's Magazine!
This is very sad news - not just for artists but I think for magazine publishing in general. Thankfully Amelia's Magazine will continue online, with an updated weekly mailout.

Issue 10 features over 300 pages of inspiring creative content; fashion from Fred Butler, Mark Liu, howies, Carin Wester and loads more up and coming talent: music from thecocknbullkid, Sportsday Megaphone, North Sea Orchestra, La Roux and much more; fresh new art including Sarah Baker and Jon Elliott; illustrations on the theme of Everything is Connected.... and 100 pages on Amelia's trip to India.

Don't miss out on your last chance to get a copy!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Shillington College open their new Manchester College!

And speaking of Shillington College... they are about to open their new Manchester College!

Not only is Shillington College a great supporter of Blanket Magazine but most of the designers working on Blanket either teach or were students at Shillington College (including me!) - and I think you will all agree that we know a little about design!

So if you are interested in a career in Graphic Design then why not go to the Open Day and check them out!

Open Nights!
Thursday 4th December (tonight!) and Friday 5th December
6pm at Level 5, No 1 Portland Street, Manchester.

For more info go to:
~ Bec

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pecha Kucha...

I am heading to the Brisbane Powerhouse tonight to see Tanya Ruxton (my lecturer at design college and one of the original founders of blanket!) participate in a Pecha Kucha night (more on what the heck that is in a second...)

Tanya is an amazing designer and a constant and continuing inspiration to her students (past and present!). She and her equally talented designer husband Tim run Rumpus Design, a little studio with BIG ideas.

Tonight, she's going to talk about being a lecturer at Shillington College, design and herself! The catch? She's only got 6 minutes and 40 seconds (and 20 powerpoint slides) in which to do it!

And so we come to the details of a Pecha Kucha (it's Japanese for "the sound of conversation" by the way). Each speaker has 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide and so a grand total of 400 seconds in which to teach and entertain their audience. It's been a worldwide success and it will surely be coming to a city near you soon.

I am looking forward to seeing all 10 speakers tonight in an event that only goes for 1 hour 40 minutes. Now that's short and sweet!