Thursday, February 12, 2009

Show us your Blanket Poster!

I know you have probably already seen this image before as I was totally in love with it... but I couldn't help posting it again as I just love the way she has styled it! It truly looks like it's straight from the pages of a magazine... I guess what else can you expect when it's in the hands of such a talented photographer as Natalie Jeffcott (who was also featured on the poster).

What you might not know about Natalie is when she is not photographing she actually runs Arthurs Circus in Melbourne, Australia which features lots of beautiful vintage toys, collectables, lighting, photography and art. If you can't get to the shop you can still let your inner child free by being a voyeur through her beautiful blog where you will see more examples of her beautifully styled photography.

If you would like to show us where you have your Blanket poster then email me a photo! Email me at: editor (at)

And if you would like to join in the fun you can get a copy of the Blanket poster at the Blanket online store.

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