Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blanket 2011 Calendar {submissions closed}

Just a quick update to let you know submissions have now closed for the Blanket 2011 Calendar. We had such an overwhelming response {over 90 submissions!} and the level of talent is seriously outstanding {you guys rock!]}. Right now I wish there were more than just 12 months in a year – but unfortunately tough decisions have to be made.

Of course the task {and the responsibility!} of choosing just 12 artists was too much for just little ole me so I decided to ask 6 amazing {and secret for now!} Guest Judges to help in the decision making process. So together we will be choosing the final 12 artists and notifying them very soon!!!

Don’t forget! Obviously there is only a limited-number of 12 spots on the Blanket Calendar so if your work is not chosen you will still have the opportunity to have your work featured in Issue 25 as part of our ‘Here’s my work…’ Gallery. All successful applicants will be emailed with notification next week.

Good luck everyone!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Issue 25 {it’s a cover art collaboration!}

Illustration by: Thereza Rowe

Illustration by: Simon Wild

As per-usual we are very busy in the background preparing for our upcoming release of Issue 25 {look out for it in early December!} It’s an exciting milestone we will be reaching – not just because it will be number 25 but it will also mark 4 years of Blanket! {seriously where does the time go??} Anyway we couldn’t possibly let number 25 pass by without some kind of celebration!!

So including the very exciting release of the Blanket 2011 Calendar - featuring our soon to be chosen and announced 12 calendar artists {submissions are still open by the way – but be quick as the deadline is this coming Monday, November 15th 2010} we will also have an exciting cover art collaboration from two very talented UK illustrators Thereza Rowe and Simon Wild.

Both Thereza and Simon have a history of collaborating with other artists but this will be the very first time they have collaborated together on a project – so I am more than excited that our cover has given them the opportunity to finally work together – and even more grateful that they will complete it on very short notice and on a very short deadline – what professionals!!!

As individual illustrators their work is outstanding so I can only imagine the greatness that will come from their collaboration – and I am so interested to see how they will interpret my open {and deliberately vague} brief of “It should be bright, colourful, fun and shout ‘WOO-HOO’ at the top of it’s lungs!”

Friday, November 5, 2010

Blanket Poster on SALE {50% off this week only!}


The Blanket Poster features 56 international artists, designers and photographers on one giant patchwork poster. The poster is packaged in a unique hand folded origami sleeve {with extra details including the debossed uv type on the front}.

Among the artists featured are Deanne Cheuk, Si Scott, Jeff Kleinsmith, Amy Sol, Beci Orpin, Jeremyville, James Gulliver Hancock, Anke Weckmann and Julianna Swaney… plus many more! It’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face and keep you creatively warm! Click here to purchase!

Poster Size: Folds out to 570mm(h) x 950mm(w)

Sleeve size: 190mm x 190mm

Posters are dispatched from the UK and Australia depending on your location.

OFFER ENDS: Friday November 12th 2010.


Issue 24 – The Landscape Issue

We have another big issue for you to enjoy {yep all 152 pages of it!} In Issue 24 we are exploring the power of a landscape and how it can be manipulated, changed, re-constructed, shrunk or viewed from a different perspective. Scroll down to see what we have for you in this issue!



Blanket’s Cover Art

We introduce you to our Blanket cover artist for this issue, Jo Cheung, whose ‘landscape’ illustration was influenced by her childhood holidays in Hong Kong.

Blankets Featured Font {FREE with this issue!}

The issue would not be complete without our Blanket Featured Font! This issue type designer, Darim Kim, brings us her font ‘My Fair Cody‘ which was designed as a tribute to her dog.

{DIY Tutorials}

Regular Blanket contributor Jek is back this issue with a brand new DIY tutorial on how to make a Diorama{Western style!}

We welcome new Blanket contributors Becka and Richard from Bliss in a Teacup {you met them in Issue 23 and we are so excited to welcome them to the team!} . Their DIY tutorial will show you how to create aLandscape Mobile.

I will also be showing you an easy Photoshop Tutorial so you can create the illusion of Tilt-Shift Photography {it will have you turning all your holiday photos into miniature landscapes!}

Artist Interviews

In our feature article we interview five very different artists that have all looked to the landscape for inspiration and are interpreting it in their own unique way.

1. Erin Tyner’s, photographic series Half Awake are carefully staged miniatures that depict 
an unfolding scene of a lone figure in the landscape.

2. New York photographer, Matthew Albanese, can spend months assembling his model landscapes using everyday materials such as faux fur, steel wool, ground parsley, paprika, sugar, and table salt. His photos are so realistic that at first glance many people mistake them for actual landscapes.

3. If you were a garden how tended would you be? It’s the question, Frank Plant, asks his viewer in his seriesHow does your garden grow?

4. The contrast of an urban/rural landscape is a constant theme for photographer, Lindsay Blamey.

5. In her series You Are Here artist, Megan Scheminske, paints canvases using Google map reference images.
• Collage artist, Jesse Draxler, chats to us about his work and collaborating with other artists.

• Blanket writer, Jonathan Hulme, teaches us The Road Rules we should know before we take our next roadtrip.

• Gwendoline Watson embraces her fear and spends a night camping in the wild Welsh landscape in her storyFeel The Fear.

• Photographic Series: Silent Landscapes Photographs from Iceland taken by me! ; )

Plus we uncover 47 emerging artist from all over the world in our Gallery sections!

• Re_action! Artists featured inside this issue: Aga Prokopenko, Agurtxane Concellón, Alice Rebecca Potter, Bradley Pinkerton, Dinesha Perera, Elisa Sandoval, Emma Simmons, Ester Grossi, Francesca Tollardo, Ilaria Bagnulo, Iva Cukic, Joanne Thies, João Bento Soares, Joy Chokchai, Justin Kendall, Katica Pedisic, Keegan Green, Laura Carey, Lucy Eldridge, Mark Payne, MundoCaco, Nafisa Kaptownwala, Faunesque {aka Philippe Constantinesco}, Rena Littleson, Sarah Cunningham, Steve Poxson , Tamar Dolev, Tatchara Lertkitcha, tchmo, Threepetch Suprakob, Veronica Romanenghi.

• Here’s my work… I hope you like it! Artists featured inside this issue: Adriean Koleric, Alvaro Sánchez, Andy Geppert, Anna Maria Pacchioni {aka Annulla}, Carla Thursday, Christina Song, Daniel Mendoza, Eileen Moreno, Elumas Preslecky, Everly dark, Faunesque {aka Philippe Constantinesco}, Holly Exley, Kristian Jones, Lauren Holmes, Lucy Eldridge, Mark Payne, Matthew Aurilio, MundoCaco, Nafisa Kaptownwala, Rebeccah Power, Rena Littleson, Sarah Cunningham, Steve Poxson , Tamar Dolev, Tatchara Lertkitcha, tchmo, Threepetch Suprakob, Veronica Romanenghi.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Behold! {Blanket Gift Subscriptions}

Yes that’s right. BEHOLD! We have just solved all of your Christmas present dilemmas. It’s the Blanket Magazine Gift Subscription! Spoil someone {or yourself!} with a Subscription for 6 issues of Blanket Magazine! You can purchase a Blanket Subscription {and other nifty products including previous Blanket issues, badges, artist cards and the Blanket Poster} in our Blanket Online Store. You’re very welcome!