Monday, September 13, 2010

Ammo Magazine Issue 4 {interview}

** Warning shameless plug**

I just wanted to share some pictures of a recent interview I did with Ammo Magazine. The interview is actually a discussion about magazine publishing and running Blanket Magazine but Dave Hughes {Ammo’s Creative Director} indulged me and let me feature some of my photos from Iceland alongside the interview. Taking into consideration that my photos have nothing whatsoever to do with Blanket Magazine and Ammo usually features illustrators I really have no idea how I talked him into that one… {thanks Dave!}

Luckily there is a bevy of other talented illustrators featured including Ammo’s cover artist Aaron Miller, interviews with Si ScottAny Forty, and Seymour and artwork from:

Anne Cobai / Ben Steers / Chris Thornley / Ellen van Engelen / Elly MacKay / Kate Hindley / Laura Pérez / Lydia Nichols / Monica Garwood / Paperfox Press (Inner Cover) / Paul Alp / PEPPER / Rob Mack / Thereza Rowe / Thom Glick / Tom Hovey / Vicky Newman / Will Scobie / Wilmer Murillo.

If you haven’t already been introduced to Ammo Magazine then right now is a good chance – because you can buy all 4 issues for just £15!

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