Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Issue 24 – The Landscape Issue {deadline!}

Eek! Can you believe another deadline is fast approaching? It seems like just yesterday I was on holidays… and speaking of this it was my recent holiday that has influenced the upcoming theme of the issue: ‘Landscape‘.

It’s the power of a landscape that we will explore for the next Blanket issue – whether it be how a landscape can be manipulated, how it can be viewed from a different perspective or how it can change – sometimes instantly and without warning.

We’re asking you to send in your art, design or photography that has been inspired by these thoughts and ideas{but hurry submissions close on September 15th!}

** UPDATE ** Due to the Blanket website being hacked and down all last week I have decided to extend the submission deadline for Re_action and Here’s my work… until Sunday, September 26th!

Please read here for further submission details: ‘Submit Your Work’

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