Sunday, December 12, 2010

Page to Page / Face to Face

Blanket has always been about bringing creative people together from around the world – and this feel good story is where this ethos was taken literally!

The story starts back in Issue 24 {The Landscape Issue} when two artists both submitted their images to Blanket and were featured in the issue. Joanne Thies from Australia submitted the image on the left and João Bento Soares from Portugal submitted the image on the right.

When it came to laying out the pages of the magazine I decided to place their work side by side as I thought their work complimented each other beautifully. I did note at the time that it was a coincidence that their first names started with the same first 3 letters… I love things like that.

Just after the magazine was released Joanne contacted me to say she would be traveling to Portugal {another happy coincidence} so I suggested she should get in touch with João while she was there so they could meet face to face… and they did!

You can follow along the story on Joanne’s blog I Love Saturdays. The first post is here {where João and Joanne first make contact via her blog} and the second here {after their meet up in Portugal}.

I love so much about this story and I am happy to have played a small role in bringing these two amazing artists together. For me it sums up exactly what I have always wanted Blanket to be – a place where creatives all over the world can get together to meet and share ideas {of course I always thought it would be limited to virtually…}
I do hope this story might spark some more creative meetups around the world! Or maybe you have a similar story of meeting someone? I would love for you to share if you do – it doesn’t have to be related to Blanket – just if you have met up with someone after getting to know them through their blog or twitter. Email me at editor {at}

Enjoy your weekend!

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