Sunday, November 30, 2008

Blogging about blogs is ok, right?

It's a lazy and sunny Sunday afternoon here in Brisbane and I am doing one of my favourite things...going down the rabbit hole that is the Internet to admire other people's blogs.

My friend Emma got me on to this one, which I am starting to become addicted to on a morning and afternoon tea-ly basis...Ryan Blogs Coffee.

The name says it all, really: Ryan writes about every single coffee that he drinks every day. It might sound like the past-time of an obsessive compulsive who lives with his Mum and meticulously records the number plates of cars parked in his street, but Ryan actually seems like quite a cool guy. Apparently (and this is according to my friend Emma, a font of knowledge on these things), Ryan is part of the band The Cat Empire...hmmmm, don't quote me on that.

Anyway, while he waxes poetic on his coffee, Ryan also talks about music, movies, TV, youtube, 80s television ads, cool places in his neighbourhood etc etc. A funny, cool blog. I think I would like to have a coffee with Ryan sometime...

xx Caitlin

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