Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Holiday Break {and a sneak peek of Issue 23!}

Many people have inspired me over the years with Blanket but it was one person’s photos that inspired me to one day visit a whole country! I’ve talked about Helga Kvam’s photos in a previous post here so I won’t go into it again. I have more important things to be doing – like packing my bags to visit the country I was inspired to see – Iceland!

I will be spending two weeks traveling around the island of Iceland on a self-drive tour with my wonderful husband and sister-in-law. I’ve packed all the essentials – clothes, wet weather gear, guidebook, notebook & pen, sleep mask {there will be a staggering 20 hours of daylight!}, deck of cards, iPod player for the car, cameras {including my Medium Format camera} and like all good little Aussies – a jar of vegemite!

Roadtrip here we come!

While I am gone {and hopefully not forgotten!} from the dates of July 22nd – August 10th this will mean just a couple of things:

1. the release date for Issue 23 {The Gone but not Forgotten} Issue will be August 15th.
2. I wont have access to a computer so I will not be able to respond to emails.
3. I will be closing the Blanket Online Shop because there wont be anyone here to receive and post orders.

Everything will be back up and running again on my return : )

Blanket Issue 23 {The Gone But Not Forgotten Issue}

In the meantime I thought I would give you another little sneak peek into what we have coming up for you in the next Blanket issue!

And just another reminder Issue 23 {The Gone But Not Forgotten Issue} will be released on August 15th (not the usual 1st of the month). Sorry to make you wait a little bit longer for the issue – but trust me it will be worth it! ; )

Our upcoming issue is themed ‘Gone but not Forgotten’ and we will be featuring indepth interviews with artists who are promoting and preserving traditional skills and crafts – including paper-cuts, macrame, automata and letterpress. Our cover art will also be very special – a typographic piece embroidered especially for Blanket!

We will also be showing you how to embrace your inner child, make a’Bible Cake’, learn a craft with our easy to follow DIY tutorial, and Blanket writer Jonathan Hulme will be rewriting the history books {let’s just say in 1995 Billy Ray Cyrus has a terrible mullet accident and can never have children, particularly one’s called Miley}.

Plus our extra free goodies will include the Blanket Featured Font – a Croatian style font inspired by a vintage sugar box and another Music download! This one is from Manchester duo – We Are Willow {who I was raving about in a previous post here!}.

See I told you it will be worth the wait!

Till then,


{PS/ I promise to take lots and lots of photos of Iceland and post them on the blog!}

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