Friday, August 13, 2010

Back from Holidays {Iceland photos!}

I snuck back from holidays a couple of days ago and was straight back to work to design Issue 23 of Blanket {a 5 day deadline to finish and release the mag – wish me luck!}. So while I am busy putting the finishing touches on the ‘Gone but not Forgotten’ Issue I thought I would share some of my holiday photos from Iceland.

I seriously gave my camera a workout during this trip and I have a lot more photos to go through but I’ve picked out a few just to show you what a beautiful country Iceland is.

So Here’s my work… I hope you like it.

Now I better get back to designing Blanket so I can release it on time!

See you in the next issue,


PS/ The Blanket Online Store is up and running again so you can now order back issues of all previous Blanket magazines!

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