Friday, March 13, 2009

Hear and Now (documentary)

I watched the most amazingly beautiful documentary called Hear and Now the other night and I thought it was quite poignant as we are about to release the 'communication' issue.

Having both been deaf since birth, Paul and Sally Taylor (aged of 65) decide to undergo risky surgery to enable them to hear for the first time. Filmed by their daughter, Irene Taylor Brodsky, it follows their lives as they go from being deaf all their life to finally hearing.

What made it so relevant was at the end they talked about how they still felt disconnected to the 'hearing' world. Even though they could now hear they could not distinguish the different words and still relied heavily on lip reading. They hoped that by receiving the implants they would be able to understand and participate in actual conversations like regular people but in reality they still found it difficult to communicate with people.

Anyway it was one of the most moving films I have seen in a while so be prepared to blubber your way through it!

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