Friday, December 12, 2008

Mad Men, Wrong Fonts

Currently, I am finding it very hard to go to my job because I just wish to sit around all day watching Season One of Mad Men, an amazing show about the 1960s fictional advertising agency of Sterling Cooper. It's classy, classic and ever so addictive! The work that the show's designers, writers and the costume & props department have put in is UNBELIEVEABLE. It's so realistic...almost.

But I think what has increased my enjoyment of the show even more is this blog by the Mark Simonson Studio. It details ALL of the mistakes the show's creators and designers have made when it comes to the fonts used. Now here's a man who knows a lot about fonts! How could Mad Men have concentrated so hard on getting all the women's hair so perfectly right, but then used Zapfino (only created in 1992) in one of the fictional ads?

Of course, it does not make me love the show any less, but it DOES add an interesting dimension to my watching. If you can, (and if you haven't already) grab Mad Men from somewhere. It really makes one appreciate one's Mac!

:) Caitlin

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