Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mini Munny Madness

In our last issue you might have noticed that David Self (our web_sights writer) was travelling through America on his magical mystery tour. Well, he's back now...and he bought PRESENTS!
Here's mine. It's tiny, it's white and it's from New York baby! He's (it's?) called a Mini Munny and he's a blank canvas for all your wildest drawings dreams to come true upon.
It actually seems to be a pretty big phenomenon in the US, with the Munny website (where you can buy your blank Munny and then display him, talk about him with other Munny aficionados and even download clothing patterns should you want to dress your Munny up for that special occassion) showing that amazing artists like Tara McPherson have put their stamp on the little man/thing...
So, I am debating how to work my magic on him. I have an obsession with enormous circus ringleader-esque moustaches at the moment (and who doesn't?), so that's a pretty good start. Sharpie at the ready...

- Caitlin

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