Thursday, October 30, 2008

Be cool. Read 4000.

Or 3000. Or 2000. Depends where you live and therefore what you want to know about your city.

But what you SHOULD know about these cool weekly snapshots of Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney culture (get it, it's to do with postcodes! yes, someone else had to explain that to me...), is that they are BRILLIANT.

Get info about beautiful places to eat, shop, drink or watch other people who are very talented at music, art or similar. Discover things you didn't know about your very own backyard. Enter competitions and win cool things. And generally just feel better about how involved you are in the subculture of your town.

Subscribe to the one that suits you (in preparation for a trip to Melbourne at the end of the year I am subscribed to Brisbane's 4000 and Melbourne's 3000. I am so hip on everything now) and it will be delivered to your inbox on Thursdays, just in time to plan the weekend.



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