Thursday, November 11, 2010

Issue 25 {it’s a cover art collaboration!}

Illustration by: Thereza Rowe

Illustration by: Simon Wild

As per-usual we are very busy in the background preparing for our upcoming release of Issue 25 {look out for it in early December!} It’s an exciting milestone we will be reaching – not just because it will be number 25 but it will also mark 4 years of Blanket! {seriously where does the time go??} Anyway we couldn’t possibly let number 25 pass by without some kind of celebration!!

So including the very exciting release of the Blanket 2011 Calendar - featuring our soon to be chosen and announced 12 calendar artists {submissions are still open by the way – but be quick as the deadline is this coming Monday, November 15th 2010} we will also have an exciting cover art collaboration from two very talented UK illustrators Thereza Rowe and Simon Wild.

Both Thereza and Simon have a history of collaborating with other artists but this will be the very first time they have collaborated together on a project – so I am more than excited that our cover has given them the opportunity to finally work together – and even more grateful that they will complete it on very short notice and on a very short deadline – what professionals!!!

As individual illustrators their work is outstanding so I can only imagine the greatness that will come from their collaboration – and I am so interested to see how they will interpret my open {and deliberately vague} brief of “It should be bright, colourful, fun and shout ‘WOO-HOO’ at the top of it’s lungs!”

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